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5 Tips to be More Sustainable

Sustainability is directly linked to activities and actions that aim to meet the needs of human beings, through material and economic development, without causing damage to the environment. In this way, natural resources are used with awareness, ensuring that future generations have them without current ones having to give them up.

How can the attitude of a single person help to preserve natural resources

It’s simple: once you do your part, you stop harming the environment. Thus, saving water, using renewable energy, such as solar energy, separating waste for recycling and consuming products that have recyclable packaging are sustainable attitudes that you can practice. In addition, these practices also bring benefits to you, such as savings in the electricity bill and extra gains from product recycling.


Why is it important?

So that we can see everything we produced and also where all this garbage came from. Soon you will know what has to decrease consumption and what can be recyclable.

Recyclable garbage is clean and dry, so it won’t smell bad in your home. If you get excited, you can sort by types. Seeing it all together for a whole month will help you get a sense of the problem – and how big it can be! Separate the garbage man, a bag, a box, a space in your house to store this waste and invite those who live with you to do the same thing.


No excuses, ok?

For you to be able to accomplish this task, my suggestion is to have a substitute for the glass and cutlery always with you. Make sure you have a cup, a retractable cup, a glass jar, a regular coffee mug from your house, a bottle of water, reusable cutlery. The easier the better, so if you can go to your kitchen NOW and find one of these, the better. If you have a steady job, that you spend most of your day with, just take your utensils and leave them on your desk. If you spend the day on the street, I suggest having a sustainable kit in your bag, which we will talk about next.

Get your kit for travel or your everyday cup and cutlery.


A change to make in the items that we need to buy frequently is in toothbrushes.

The bamboo versions have only plastic bristles while their handle is biodegradable and can be buried, placed in the compost bin, reused in vegetable gardens or vases.

Ordinary brushes are made of plastic and, in most cases, end up not being recycled.

Grab this 4 pack for a mini price.


You can make a composter out of buckets or buy one assembled and ready to use. The important thing is to start transforming your organic waste into earthworm food – and fertilizer! If you live at home it is even easier, in an apartment you really need a composter.

Do you want to know how to make your own composter? See this post!


There are studies that say that a habit takes 60 days to become habit. If we base ourselves on this research, then there are 35 days to make it a habit to always have it in your bag, remember to use and use your zero waste kit whenever you eat out.

Remember the mug and the cloth napkin I told you to always guarantee? They are the basics of the kit, but you may want to include a set of cutlery, chopsticks, straw and even a packet.